Jazz Professional




In the Floral Hall
at the
Royal Opera House
Covent Garden

Saturday 24th September 2005
at noon

The Jack Sharpe Big Band

Guest star Eric Delaney

From Alex Jackson
I went to the concert yesterday and it was, as expected, 1st class. The place was packed and the music exhilarating. I shudder to think what it would have cost to put all these "prime ministers" together on stage if they had not given their time and talents free of charge. They played some Stan Kenton stuff and it was a marvellous rendition of quality arrangements. Eric (Delaney) played just one number, The Preacher, and received a standing ovation when he walked on stage, as per normal.
The classical guys certainly love him to bits. The reaction to The Preacher was excellent. He did a five minute unaccompanied solo in the middle on timps and got a standing ovation from everyone, including the band, and deservedly so. Steven Henderson stepped out on to the stage and went down on his knees, bowing to Eric as he walked off, shouting, "WE ARE NOT WORTHY MASTER", and everyone cheered even louder. Good stuff.

Eric in action - timps and brushes

Programme kindly supplied by Alex Jackson