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NOW, at last, our very own Trivia Quiz






1. Dizzy Gillespie blows out his cheeks

like that because:

a. Air is falling back out.

b. Spit is falling back in.

c. Someone has soldered up the hole

in his mouthpiece.

d. Two of the above

2. What did the two men at the party

talk about after they discovered that

each had an IQ of 30?

a. Celestial mechanics.

b. Open heart surgery.

c. Mouthpieces.


3.What was Geraldo’s wife’s name?

a. Twinkle.

b. Plum.

c. Fred.


4.Who was it that said, upon being

introduced to Ted Heath’s wife

Moira: “How are you, Dad?”

a. Prince Charles.

b. Bernard Shaw.

c. Henry Shaw.


5.Which famous American pianist

played trumpet once in Chuck Man-

gione’s band?

a. Chico Marx.

b. Chick Corea.

c. Liberace.


6.Which British pianist once played

lead alto in the Francy Boland band?

a. Sandy MacPherson.

b. Gilbert O’Sullivan.

c. Alan Branscombe.


7. The dancers at Hornsea Town Hall

on July l0th, 1965 went on dancing

when the band played “Take Five”

because they:

a. Thought it was the Three-Legged


b. Were dancing with tears in their


c. Had forgotten their pocket calcu-



8. Why did I ask the last question?

a. Don’t know why.

b. Stormy weather.

c. Keeps rainin’ all the time.


9. Who invented the saxophone? (Be


a. Edmunde Saxe

b. Adolphe Sax.

c. J. Edgar Hoover.

10. Who said: I don’t care if I never play another Glenn Miller arrangement?

a. Glenn Miller.

b. Sir Thomas Beecham.

c. Me.


11. If you split an infinitive, what do you


a. Bum notes.

b. Rapped knuckles.

c. Two small finitives.

12. Who of the following played trumpet

with Blood, Sweat And Tears?

a. Sue Lollof.

b. Lew Soloff.

c. Winston Churchill.


13.Who holds the world record for

playing the bagpipes under water?

a. Don’t know.

b. Couldn’t care less, Jock.

c. An octopus?


14.Who said: “Get your foot the hell off

my stage”?

a. Wells Fargo.

b. The Queen Mother.

c. Buddy Rich.


15.What do you think of when you see

the words: quaver, crotchet, minim?

a. Archery.

b. Musical notes.

c. A little old lady making a table-

cloth for a dwarf.


16.Why do the British invariably begin a sentence with “Well” and end with a


a. Padding.

b. Playing for time.

c. Well, it’s the way we were brought

up, isn’t it?


17.When Dr. Goebbels asked the peo-

ple in Berlin’s Sportpalast if they

wanted Total War they all stood up,

raised their right arms and shouted.

What were they shouting?

a. Hey, wait a minute!

b. May I leave the room, please?

c. Neither of the above.


18.Who used the phrase: “Nobody’s


a. Johnny Griffin.

b. Ronnie Scott.

c. Frankenstein.


19.The notes C,D,E,F make up a

a. Tetrachord.

b. Harpsichord.

c. Concorde.


20.Who said: “Take a train”?

a. Duke Ellington.

b. Lawrence Welk.



(1)d; (2) c; (3) b (Twinkle is Tom McQuater’s wife); (4) c; (5) b; (6) c; (7) b; (8) a; (9) b; (10) c; (11) b; (12) b; (13) c: (14) c; (15) b; (16) c; (17) c; (18) b; (19) a; (20) b (while announcing an Ellington medley.)

Many of the answers can be found elsewhere in this website.


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